TEAM Stephanie

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Cleveland Marathon
 Cleveland Marathon logoTEAM Stephanie participated in the Cleveland Marathon on May 15, 2010, raising over $20,000 for the cause and in memory of Stephanie

Join us May 15, 2011

Team Stephanie

TEAM Stephanie

TEAM Stephanie was started by Stephanie Lufkin's family and friends and is dedicated to preserving the memory of Stephanie, raising awareness for ITP, and funding for the ITP Foundation.

 Stephanie bwScotty, Sara, and Stephanie Stephanie Lyn Lufkin 

A message from the Lufkin family

It is our wish, and our mission, to help raise awareness, guarantee more research, and ensure better training when dealing with such a rare and delicate disease. None of those goals can happen without money. We are asking you, in the name of Stephanie Lyn Lufkin, to donate to our fundraising page of TEAM Stephanie; a special branch of the ITP Team which directly benefits the ITP Foundation. There is no better way to honor our daughter and show your support.


Your contribution will help us and many others accomplish the important goal of saving children’s lives. We are running for Steph and we are running for ITP! Join us!

In Peace and With Love,

Katie and Doug Lufkin

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On May 4, 2008, Steph was taken to the ER with unusual bruising and “tiny red spots all over her body,” or, petechiae. After the initial blood tests, she was transferred to another hospital with a platelet count of 2,000.

After ruling out Leukemia, she was diagnosed with ITP. And due to complications and hemorrhaging in the brain, Steph died four days later, on May 8, 2008.

Stephanie would have celebrated her 10th birthday this year with all her loving friends and family.