Chairman's Message

We have established the ITP Foundation for the sole purpose of helping others. We personally understand the issues surrounding this blood disorder and the effect it has on children and adolescents as well as the family dynamic.

On the day I turned 35, we found out that our daughter had ITP. We hoped that her ITP would be acute, but it has turned out to be chronic. I have learned a lot about myself, the disorder and the tremendous strength of my daughter. She is braver than I could have ever been and she makes me stronger with her strength. Unfortunately, I feel almost powerless over ITP, but refuse to let it win.

For this reason we have started the ITP Foundation. We hope to help empower doctors, nurses, researchers, patients and families who deal with this disorder on a daily basis.

We have committed the resources to establish and grow the Foundation into a self sustaining organization, that is the leader in funding ITP Research and helping those in need to manage ITP.

We are looking for people who would like to join us in reaching this goal.


Michael E. McGuire, Jr.
ITP Foundation Chairman

Board of Directors

Medical Advisory Panel

Paul Imbach, M.D.
George Buchanan, M.D.
Professor Gerhard Gaedicke, M.D.
Joe McNamara, M.D.
Matthew Vinoski, D.M.D.

Executive Board of Directors

Michael McGuire, Chairman
Matthew Vinoski, D.M.D.
Barry McMaster
Emily Harris
Maja McGuire

Board of Directors Emeriti

Jun Watanabe

Jessi Stensland

Eric Opdyke

Katie Lufkin

Dr. Diana Beardsley
ITPF Medical Advisory Board Member

It is with great sadness that the ITP Foundation mourns the recent passing of Board member and friend, Dr. Diana Beardsley. A noted Pediatric Hematologist as well as Medical Director at Yale Hemophilia Center, Dr. Beardsley was truly a dignitary in her field and a wonderful, inspiring human being.

This is a tremendous loss for not just those who knew and loved her, but the medical profession and certainly the ITP Foundation’s extended family.

ITP Foundation Board of Directors